Frequently Asked Questions for Dinner Auction

What should I wear?

  • This event is informal attire where we encourage you to show your Pirate Pride by wearing PHS apparel or school colors.

What is included in the event?

  • Your ticket will admit you access to the event (featuring live and silent auctions, raffles, etc), a three-course dinner, Open Bar, DJ and dancing, and a great time to meet & socialize with your fellow Pirate Parents!

I’d like to register the night of the event at the door?

  • We’re sorry, but due to the nature of the event, we can’t take any last minute registrations. Final registrations will end on Feb. 9th, 2024. You must register by that cut-off date to attend. A variety of preparations makes it too challenging for the Cotillion and the many volunteers involved to allow for registrations too close to the event date.

What is a Table Captain?

  • Table Captains are volunteers who help the PHS Booster club by inviting their friends & family to join them in attending the Dinner & Auction event. The goal is to fill up 10 seats total per table. It is also an easy way for your friends & family to identify who they would like to sit with during the evening.

Is a Table Captain the same as a Captain (sponsorship)?

  • No, they are 2 different things. A Table Captain is a guest at the event who helps fill a table of 10 with their friends and family. A Captain (sponsorship) is one of 4 levels of sponsorship that a business would select in provide a cash donation to help defray the cost to the Boosters to host the event. Sponsors are recognized for their generosity in various ways before, during and after the event though different means and media.

I want to be a Table Captain, but if I don’t find 10 people to sit with me, do I pay for the empty spots?

  • No, you will not be charged for any empty spots at your table. We would combine your seats with others who also have less than 10 people in the best combinations possible to try to fill each up to 10.

If I am not a Table Captain or don’t know one, can I ask to be seated with friends who are also attending?

  • Yes! On the registration page, there is an option to specify “Who Do You Want To Sit With?” Write your friend’s names there.

What does the dinner/auction support?

  • Through various fundraising efforts each year, such as the Booster’s annual dinner/auction, we financially contribute to a wide variety of academic and extra-curricular programs and services that directly impact all students. For the past three years, the Boosters has donated between $65,000-$100,000 every year back to the Palatine High School community.

What is a Wine Cork Pull?

  • For a donation of $25 per bottle, you will receive one (1) “wine cork pull”. Wine bottles are wrapped individually (to hide the bottle) by red or white, and you ‘pull’ your selection. It is a great way to experience new wines! Your selection can then be enjoyed during the evening. All bottles of wine have a retail value of at least $20.

What is Grub Grab?

  • For a donation of $20, you have the opportunity to select a sealed-envelope, from the restaurant of your choice, containing a gift certificate. All gift cards have a minimum value of $25.

What is the Boozter Wagon?

  • Buy tickets for the raffle and win the ENTIRE Bootzer Wagon! $5 for 1 ticket, $10 for 3 tickets, $20 for 5 tickets for a chance to win a large wagon full of adult beverages of all types and varieties valued at around $500. Yours to take home at the end of the night.

What is a Buyout?

  • Buyout prizes are of the first-to-sign-up-wins type. For example, a Buyout may have 5 student parking spaces available. So, the first 5 guests that sign up for them win them. Some of the Buyout items are only available at the auction!

How do I bid on a Silent Auction item?

  • You bid on a silent auction item by bidding online. Others may bid higher than you after that. And so on. Everyone can keep bidding until that auction closes. Be sure to come with your phone fully charged!

How do I bid on a Live Auction item?

  • You bid on a live auction item by raising your bidder number up until someone on the live auction team spots you and accepts your bid. Others may bid higher than you after that. And so on. Everyone can keep bidding until that auctioneer closes the bidding and awards the prize to the highest bidder. The Live Auction begins during dinner.

How do I get my bidder number?

  • Upon arrival at the event, you will receive a program that has your bidder number on the back in large, bold numbers. You can use that bidder number for everything at the event except the bar. This allows you to easily check out at the end of the night with everything in one place.

Is there an easy way to see everything that is available at the event to bid on or win?

  • Upon arrival at the event, you will receive a program. Live Auctions, Grub Grab, Boozter Wagon and Raffle items listed. All silent auction items are visible with the online bidding system.

Do I need to bring cash?

  • It is recommended to bring cash to the event for tipping at the open bar. You can use your bidder number that is tied to your credit card at all stations (Wine Cork Pull, all auctions, raffles, Grub Grab, Boozter Wagon, Chuck-a-Duck- etc.) However, if you’d prefer to bring cash, it is also accepted for everything at the event.

My PHS student wants to come, can I bring them?

  • The Dinner & Auction evening is for individuals 21 years of age or older.